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The New Lift Co. was formed with the vision of new ideas and a personal approach. Our main focus is working with our clients to find solutions that can benefit both financially and aesthetically.

We are an Australian owned and operated business, striving to give you the personalised service you deserve.

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Our Services

We understand that your lift
is the hub of your business.

Maintenance Solutions.

Maintenance of your lift equipment is paramount in protecting your investment. Regular proactive and predictive maintenance can in many cases extend the life of the equipment which will reduce operating costs and improve reliability.


Using the latest technology in service dispatching, we can track, monitor and deliver a fast reliable service to our clients regardless of location or time of day. Being able to provide fast and accurate reporting ensures that the building manager or operators are kept up to date with all operational issue. The New Lift Co will be your partner in ensuring the life of your equipment.

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Lift mechanic working in lift shaft

Lift Replacements.

The New Lift Co. specialises in the replacement of old and obsolete lifts.  We offer limitless options of a complete design service which will be initiated with a proper survey and consultation.  


We also offer condensed programs with limited building requirements.  Our professional team can guide you through the process to ensure expectations are met.

Bespoke Lift Services.

The New Lift Co. has an in-house design team which can design and manufacture any size and design from 400kg to 10,000kg and beyond. We specialise in high end customised lifts, whether for commercial or residential, the options are limitless.

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