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About Us

The New Lift Co. was formed with the vision of new ideas and a personal approach. Our main focus is working with our clients to find solutions that can benefit both financially and aesthetically.

We are an Australian owned and operated business, striving to give you the personalised service you deserve.

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About Us

A new idea with a personal approach.

The New Lift Co. was formed with the vision of introducing and applying fresh innovative technologies and expertise.  Personal approach is highly recognised and practiced as the company focuses on achieving solutions that will benefit its clients.  

We are local

We are local.

Being 100% Australian owned and operated, we have total control of the company and its operations.  We are fully aware of and responsible for every detail in the daily activities and interests of the company. 


We strongly support Australia and its local businesses.    It is our advocacy to patronise local businesses and suppliers instead of importing when it is possible without compromising quality.


However, to ensure consistent supply, we also engage in global outsourcing but only from companies like ours that exercise high quality.

Our people.

Our people have been drawn from different aspects in the industry.  This gives us the competitive edge.  Aside from using only the best equipment and technology, we also have the best people. It is in our culture that we deliver only the best quality work.


Moreover, we take pride in strongly supporting the Australian Apprenticeship Program as we invest in training young Australians into the industry.

our people